Software Engineer Standing Beside Server Racks

Hello there, future networking ninja! 🥷

Ever heard of the CompTIA Network+ certification? If not, think of it as your golden ticket into the Willy Wonka factory of networking. It’s an IT certification that vouches for your skills to design, manage, and troubleshoot any wired and wireless devices.

Why get it? Well, aside from flaunting a shiny new certification on your resume, it’s a magnet for employers and a huge confidence booster. It also counts as college credit for (WGU’s Bachelors in Computer Science)[].

This article will cover what the exam is all about, how to prepare for and take the exam, and what to do afterwards. We’re here to be your Virgil through the Divine Comedy of CompTIA Network+. Less inferno, more paradise!

Understanding the Exam

Let’s start with the basics. The exam is timed and the format is a mix of 90 multiple-choice questions and performance-based ones.

From networking concepts and infrastructure to network operations and security, you’ll be diving deep. The exam covers a broad range of networking concepts, including network architecture, protocols, and security. You must demonstrate practical skills, such as configuring and troubleshooting network systems in simulated scenarios. Passing score is 720 or higher on a 100-900 scale.

How difficult is it? Compared to its peers, it’s the Goldilocks of networking exams: not too hot, not too cold, just right.

Preparing for the Exam

First things first: prerequisites. While there aren’t any strict prerequisites, having some networking experience or the CompTIA A+ certification can be a real feather in your cap.

There are loads of study materials, official study guides, online courses, and the evergreen flashcards. Personally, I chose to use (Jason Dion’s Network+ (N10-008) Full Course)[] on Udemy for free using my Palm Beach County Library card. Whatever you choose to use, keep them close, like a Frodo keeps his Sam.

Consistency is key. Schedule regular study sessions, join a study group, and practice with mock exams until they feel like second nature.

Taking the Exam

Registration is a breeze. Head to the CompTIA website, create an account, schedule the exam, and pay the fee. For more information visit (this page)[]. Your exam journey has officially begun!

On the big day, get a good night’s sleep, eat a hearty breakfast, and arrive early. Remember, the early bird gets the networking worm.

During the exam, manage your time well. If you’re stumped, move on and revisit later.

After the Exam

The moment of truth: results. Typically, you’ll get them immediately after the exam.

The score report breaks down your performance, offering insights into areas of strength and those sneaky ones needing improvement.

Once you’ve earned your shiny Network+ badge, what next? Consider specializing further, perhaps with CompTIA Security+ or Server+. The IT world is your oyster!


To wrap up, the CompTIA Network+ certification isn’t just another certification badge. It’s a rocket booster for your IT career.

If you’re on the fence about taking the leap, remember: every expert was once a beginner. With determination and the right resources (like this guide!), you’re set to ace the Network+ exam.

Godspeed, future network ninja!